Mentoring The Next Generation

…with Carolina Baez  

Creating Intentional Space for Kids Be Who They Truly Are…

Without the Anxiety, Blockages, Or Self Doubt of Navigating Growing Up

Just like for us adults, it's so important for kids and teens to understand how to process situations that arise, and to have the tools to stay calm, stay focused, and stay grounded. 

I offer the life skills and tools they need to build self-integrity, self-confidence, and self-esteem that will empower them to live their vision and create a life that is deeply satisfying.

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Mentorship Helps Kids:

Believe in themselves 

Have a stronger mindset  

Manage their anxiety 

Cultivate peace of mind

Feel worthy of success

Overcome bullying

Feel confident in their abilities

Navigate social interactions

Increase their self-esteem 

Build better relationships 

Know they belong

Remove blockages

“It’s my mission to help kids create a lifetime of believing in themselves, no matter what challenges they face!”

Start the conversation with your kids about:

Social Anxiety | Bullying | Peer Pressure

Self-Esteem |  Belonging | Hyper-Awareness | Dating |  Emotions

Social Anxiety


Peer Pressure



Hyper-Awareness | Dating


Harness the power of authentic communication with resources for parents and children.

Meet Carolina Baez…

Do you remember wishing you had someone to confide in? ME TOO!

When I was younger, I experienced so many different challenges, from trauma to being bullied, to feeling unclear about my path in life, not knowing myself… 

I want you to know I believe in your child’s infinite potential and possibility.

I’m here to empower them with the tools to manage their anxiety, overcome challenges and situations that have happened to them, get comfortable around peers and in social interactions,, and hold their boundaries as they discover-- and stay true to-- who they are! 

I’m a Certified Transformational Coach, National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Hypnotherapist, trained as an Ontology, Mindfulness, and Ecology (OME) Coach, and I have an MBA in Leadership Transformation from Boston University.

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